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favorite television characters | buffy summers

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btvs appreciation week: [day 3] most heartbreaking or happy moment → buffy kills angel

"When I killed him, Angel was cured. Your spell worked at the last minute, Will. I was about to take him out, and, um… something went through him… and he was Angel again. He-he didn’t remember anything that he’d done. He just held me. Um, but i-it was… it was too late, and I-I had to. So I told him that I loved him. And I kissed him. Then I killed him."

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btvs appreciation week • day three - most heartbreaking or and happy moment

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Marvel Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. 1x18 - Buffy 7x19-20 parallels

btvs appreciation week • day two: favourite friendship

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make me choose: caroline forbes or buffy summer's puns

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Buffy Meme - (7/7) Quotes

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btvs appreciation week • day one: favourite character

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