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saykaty asked, "Hey! I'm writing an essay on Buffy and the representation of women in it. Can you help me with some specific episodes/scenes that have a strong feminist element, women being empowered or even belittled, etc? x"

Hmmm… There’s so many. But Chosen (the series finale) springs to mind, the scene with the Potentials becoming Slayers all over the world, well, if there’s another scene MORE about female empowerment in any show, I haven’t seen it. Actually, the entire Season 7, particularly when it involves the Potentials and Caleb, is all about feminism and empowerment (and one of the many reasons it’s one of my favorite seasons, regardless of several fans disliking it).

Also, Anne, season premiere from season 3. ”I’m Buffy, the Vampire Slayer. And you are?” ‘Nuff said.

Surprise, Innocence and Becoming, are all great examples of Buffy as a very strong female character, imho.   

What else… Being belittled? I would say The Harsh Light of Day, for sure, with Buffy, Anya, and Harmony being mistreated by the men in their lives. Surprise/Innocence are good examples of it too. Or any episode with Warren, particularly I Was Made to Love You and of course, Dead Things, where he makes his ex-girlfriend Katrina his sex slave and kills her. 

Well, those are the first scenes that came to my mind. I’ll publish this as I’m sure a lot of my followers will be able to contribute with a lot more examples for you. ;)

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  2. crazyquilt said: The scene where Jenny Calendar can’t believe Buffy is the Slayer because she’s so little! And Cordy giving Buffy make-up tips in “Reptile Boy.” Also there’s a lot of Xander trying to manipulate Buffy into moving him out of the friendzone
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  4. rawrwatermelon said: I think you should include examples of the other females in the tv show. Because they are all strong women, just in different ways to Buffy :)
  5. nerysdax said: I’d say the scene where she’s up against Angelus and he’s saying that she’s got no friends, no etc. What do you have left? Buffy: “Me.”
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    A very relatable scene that comes to mind is also from Chosen, when Buffy and Angel are discussing their romantic...