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Oh, good show Giles. At least you didn’t get knocked out for a change.

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Just because you stopped listening to her, doesn’t mean she isn’t looking out for you. This job, your identity, is her keeping you alive. She has a plan Harold, but she needs you to sit up and pay attention.

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Hello there, Gentle viewers! Here’s this week’s giveaway winner: thatonefeministalexa!

CONGRATULATIONS! I’ll contact you to let you know how to get your free tee!

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Thank you all for joining and until the next one!

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i’m a good, helpful  s o l d i e r .

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get to know me memerelationships / angel and cordelia (angel the series)
Cordelia, do you have any idea just how precious you are?

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And I just wanna be…


The Agents of SHIELD cast at the Dancing With The Stars

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